Origin Story began as a friendship between two LA songwriters who met coming up in Hollywood song circles. 

Tom Bishel and Duff Ferguson trod the same tiny stages for years and dug each other’s melodic pop and rock tunes. It wasn’t long before the two were humming up a new set of melodies between them. Enter multi-instrumentalist Ted Wulfers and his instrument-packed 663 Studios, and Origin Story was born.

Origin Story’s eponymous EP, released in 2019, features two tracks: One Step to the Top (featuring Bishel) and No Better Time (featuring Ferguson). Bishel adds acoustic guitar, while Ferguson is heard on electric guitar and bass. Wulfers holds down drums, pedal steel, organ, piano and percussion. 

One Step to the Top is an evocative rock ballad about never giving up, especially in the darkest hours. Once a disaster has struck, those who survive in its wake often struggle to rebuild and work their way back. They can carry painful memories with them, but they also carry new, hard-earned wisdom and experience that leads to a new depth of character. While returning to “real life” is never easy, it is true that “that which doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger.” That is the wish expressed in this tune.

No Better Time is a rousing rock anthem about living and loving right now: lovers, families, friends and all people everywhere. Sometimes the world seems to grow a little more dark and ugly each day. Now, more than ever, it pays to remember how brightly your love can shine like a beacon in that darkness! There is no better time to show the world the power of your love than now, through your own personal actions and reactions.

The band is writing and recording extensively to complete its first full length record sometime soon.